Friday, 28 November 2014

Going home

As I write this if I am honest I am just trying to fill the half an hour I have before I eat lunch and go to my final lecture before I go home for the weekend! I'm filling time, because I am so excited to be going home, that it is actually a little ridiculous.

It seems a little strange when I think about how excited I am, as to some my excitement to return home may make it seem that I don't enjoy living here. This couldn't be more wrong. I love living at uni, in halls with people I now consider my friends. However, there are little things I miss about home that make me the excited mess I am today! 

Obviously, there is the fact that I haven't seen my family in a little while, though they do visit me here and not too long ago we went on that little trip to Cornwall, it is great to catch up properly and not just through a computer screen on Skype. But, whilst I am excited to see them, it has to be more than that. For one, I know I am excited about the food. As much as I am eating as well as I can here, there are just some things that I cannot cook for one person- especially in my university shared kitchen. Tonight, I know I am going to be greeted with my mum's home cooked BBQ ribs, mmm. Like I say whilst I am not lacking great food at uni, much of it is the same, pastas, rice dishes etc. and I cannot wait to eat something a bit different! The thought of my mum's home cooked BBQ ribs fills me with utter joy.

One thing I did not consider that I would miss is driving. But, I cannot wait to get in my little red car and go for a drive simply anywhere. I never thought I actually enjoyed driving as much as I clearly do and only learnt to drive as a practicality. Turns out, it is something I clearly enjoy a lot and I will be making the most of my car this weekend!

As well as these bigger things, the idea of a dishwasher, the cosy fire, a TV and the sofa fill my heart with joy (I realise this post makes me sound ridiculously sad) and I cannot wait to walk into my house in a few hours. How silly. I guess as you get older you appreciate the smaller things in life and as much as I do enjoy my nights out, this weekend is going to be full of relaxing fun with my beautiful family and friends. How lovely. 
Have a great weekend!
Katie .xx

Friday, 21 November 2014

Growing Up

Whist scrolling through the endless posts on Instagram the other day, I saw an image that felt relevant. (Though I can't now find it!) The image said, 'part of me wants to be 6 again but part of me wants to be 21'. 
This, having been at University for 2 months could not sum up my feelings more. The amount of freedom university gives you is crazy and yet a part of me wants to go back to my younger days, where my Mum and Dad had total control of many of the major decisions in my life. The hardest thing I had to do was decide what flavour yoghurt to eat for lunch or something equally insignificant and only if I actually wanted to make it. Now, I am faced daily with these little decisions, no one is making them for me and further than that, I am having to make some actually life changing decisions as I get older.

I am now in charge of my life. The direction it goes. My career. Where I live. 

This to me is crazy. How can it be that suddenly, I am in charge of my life?! Is it possible to rewind and go back to being 6 again? Have the decisions made for me?
On the other hand, it could not be more exciting. I can do anything with my life. Yes, for now I am at University. I am studying towards my degree, but I still have complete control as to what direction this takes me. Where I live next year, who I live with, what modules I take. Plus, these are just a few suggestions. This has never been more exciting! Okay, so I may not know what I want to do with my life. I have a general idea; get a good job, nice home, go travelling. But, most people have these aims and goals. My life is still really quite unrestrained. I'm not tied down to anything particularly significant and therefore in 5 years time I could be somewhere entirely different, doing something entirely different. If I want to be. I suppose this is the point, I can do whatever I want to do and be whatever I want to be. And though this is scary, there is nothing more exciting than that.
Katie .xx

Friday, 14 November 2014

Starting this blog

I’ve considered doing this for many months now. I thought it would be a summer project, keeping my brain entertained during the months I had off. Turns out I found it a scarier prospect than I thought and that really as much as I liked the idea of documenting what I had done and when I found the idea of people reading it quite daunting. Yet, here I am starting one now, 5 months since the idea occurred to me.
I simply decided that why shouldn’t I start a blog? If it’s something I fancy doing, I should go out and give it a try. Who cares what people think of what I write/post. I love reading blogs and think I will love writing one too. So why shouldn’t I just go for it?!
So here’s to the start of a new adventure. Here’s to hoping this is the start of many posts to come!
Katie .xx