Thursday, 11 June 2015

Being grateful

This post was by no means planned and so we will see how it goes. Basically I am at a point in my life where I feel like I am doing everything I can to improve my quality of life; either in the short or long-term. I am at university, to improve my chance of a better career, or at least one that I enjoy. In the holidays I go to work so that I can increase the number of things I can do or buy with my money. All to improve my life.

But, just recently, for no apparent reason, I have begun to feel grateful for what I do have in life. After all, lots of people would dream of having what I have. This is particularly in relation to the people I have in my life, my family, my friends, my boyfriend. I know that I am fully supported by all of them and sometimes I think I forget to show them my gratitude. Perhaps, this week I will show them all the gratitude they deserve and not forget what I have, even in times when I get stressed or concentrated on the future. Yes, its good to be focused and have dreams, but remember what you have in the present too.

What will you be grateful for this week?
Katie .xxx

Friday, 5 June 2015

Making Summer Plans

Oh dear, it seems to be happening. Exam season is  upon us, which means only one thing. Revision. A lot of it. There is nothing I hate more than revision and is the major downside of continuing studying. Don't get me wrong the rewards from revision are big enough to make it worthwhile but it does not make it any easier. I say all of this as it leads on to my latest list (I really do love a list) all about my summer plans. The only thing that ever gets me through revision and exam season is my plans or hopes for after my exams so what better way to get through than to make a sort of a Summer Bucket List...

I am lucky enough to be going to Portugal for 2 weeks with the family so I plan to learn some Portuguese to get us by... I did a GCSE in Spanish so that shouldn't be too hard right?! 
Portugal Flag
This is quite ambitious given my brain for languages and how truly awful it is... But, I do like to keep my brain working during the Summer haha, on a similar note I plan to actually learn how to use my SLR camera. By this I mean use it to a better level without the auto modes. I have been planning this every Summer for the last 3 years or so, hopefully I will actually do it this time. 

I always want to travel more but this year as going abroad on my own seems to expensive I am considering travelling around the UK more. There are so many lovely places I have never even considered and they could make a lovely few days away from normality. 

I want to get back into reading. Since finishing my English Lit A Level, my love for reading seems to have reduced... I am determined to get it back this Summer by reading at least 5 books, look out for some reviews!

Similarly, I have never been that much of a film fan, yes I enjoy sitting down to watch them but it's never the first thing on my agenda and I am never really desperate to see the next big movie. This Summer I plan to watch a few more classic films that I have somehow missed, maybe my friends will actually accept me if I do this haha. 

With more time and being back in my beautiful kitchen at home, I also want to get back into baking. Try some new recipes, in particularly I want to make Macarons. They just look so cute and scrummy but may be a little bit of a challenge too! 
Ahhhh macaroons... How come they don't look like that when I make them yummmmm... Only thing better than a macaroon is chocolate covered macaroons!

So, that completes a small list of things that I want to do this Summer. Some are more of a challenge than others but let's see how many I can actually do!
Katie .xx