Sunday, 20 September 2015

I did it.

Before and After
Perhaps this is an over exaggeration. I didn't completely do it and I should probably tell you I am referring to my hair cut that I was considering in an earlier post. There was talk of dying it, which I have not done. But, I did have quite a lot cut off and it feels 100% better for it. Though I would still like to ombre it some day, I need to get richer first and I am pretty impressed with the amount I had cut off. I now just have to wait for my fringe to grow a little to achieve the look I was aiming for, thanks to my previous full fringe! 
Might sound extreme but it felt like a risk and with it paying off I am certainly going to consider taking more in the future!
Perhaps you should consider what risks you can take in life? Because most of the time they pay off, especially when in the grand scheme of things they really aren't that massive!
Katie .xx

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